Pro Tip: Selecting Storyline Agents for Self Benefit

Storyline missions are generally not beneficial for use in raising client standings: while the standing gains you receive are massive, the client receives only minor standing gains. (There is a standings gain multiplier that applies only to the recipient of the storyline and not to others in fleet.) However, because numerous storylines are generated throughout the course of missioning for a client, it may be in your best interest to “choose”, if possible, a storyline agent whose corp you personally may benefit from higher standings (eg. for mission access or broker fee reduction).

When you receive a storyline mission (granted one every sixteen regular missions), the storyline agent selected is the closest agent for that faction and mission level regardless of corp or mission type. By ensuring that the sixteenth mission is turned in close enough to a storyline agent of a desired corp, you will receive a storyline mission and the opportunity for massive standing gains for that corp.

Presently, there is no tool to help you quickly and easily lookup the storyline agents closest to a specified agent, or determine which agents to use if you wish to use a specific storyline agent, but there are some heuristics you can use:

  • The in-game Agency window can be used to find the nearest storyline agent from where you are. Therefore, if you are at a mission agent’s location, you can determine the corresponding storyline agent for that mission agent.
  • If there is a specific storyline agent you want to use, then you need to find suitable mission agents close to that storyline agent and confirm that the corresponding storyline agent is the one you want to use. To do this:
    1. Travel to the desired storyline agent
    2. Travel to the nearest satisfactory mission agent
    3. Determine the closest faction storyline agent for that mission agent – if it’s the same, you have a match; if it isn’t, then repeat step 2 for the next available mission agent.
  • If you are trying to maximize standing faction standing gains from storylines, you want the storyline agent to be located in a system with as low of a system security as possible. Use DOTLAN to determine the locations of all storyline agents and the respective ‘True Sec’ levels for their systems (ie the exact levels to two decimal places instead of the rounded one-decimal place value shown in game

Note: Some Storyline agents are completely inaccessible when trying to use certain corp/level/mission type combinations; if this is the case, you will need to settle for the next best storyline agent.