How To Work on Client Jobs

  1. Open the Job’s Board. (The link and password to the Job’s Board can always be found in #grinders-bulletin on the USIA Discord server.)
  2. Identify clients you would be interested in grinding (ie. based on the corp/faction required)
    • A minimum of L3 missions are required for grinding (except for nullsec faction corps, in which case L1/L2s are permitted but not preferable)
    • It is normal for grinders to ‘pregrind’ their corp or faction standings in order to be able to run L3/L4 missions for clients. Apart from the corps listed in the Job’s Board, commonly requested corps (listed in our service advertisement), in crude order of demand, are:
      1. Caldari Navy (more requests than all other requests combined – Jita tradehub corp)
      2. The epic arc corps (Expert Distribution being the most popular, and Republic Security Services/Federation Intelligience Office used for the pirate arcs)
      3. The other tradehub corps (starting with Emperor Family for Amarr)
      4. The R&D corps in no order in particular
  3. Secure a client for grinding.
    • Make sure you have a minimum of one hour available to grind (preferably 90 minutes or more)
    • Clients are prioritized as shown in Discord (higher in list = higher priority), so try to secure a client as high up in the list as possible
    • Check the in-game Fleet Finder (EVE Menu > Social > Fleet > Fleet Finder tab) to see if a client has posted a fleet advertisement. If they have, join it.
      • If someone else other than the client’s character(s) are in fleet, the fleet is not available for grinding and you should leave fleet.
      • If the client has posted a fleet advertisement and you cannot see it:
        • Check the #ginders-holding channel to see if someone is holding fleet so they can pass it on to you.
        • Otherwise, the client probably has not given you blue standing yet, and you should request blue standing from the client. (All members of Lotek Academy have blue standings.)
    • If no fleet advertisements are available, ask clients if they are available to post fleet advertisements for grinders to join. (In rare instances, clients will not be able to post fleet advertisements but will be able to invite you directly instead.
  4. Once in fleet with the client, open the client’s skillboard. The link to their skillboard is located in the corresponding entry on the Job’s Board.
  5. Click the refresh button on their skillboard. This button is located on the overview tab of their skillboard just below their avatar.
    • This button appears at most once an hour from the last time it was pressed, so do not press refresh unless you are beginning or ending a grind.
    • If the button is not visible, then it was pressed recently, and you will need to wait until it becomes visible again (wait a while, then reload the page)
  6. After their skillboard has been refreshed, click the Standings tab of their skillboard.
    • Compare the listed standing for the corp you are about to grind to the Finish Base listed on the Job’s Board. If the listed standing meets or exceeds the Finish Base on the Job’s board, this job is already completed and not available to be worked on, so find a different job.
    • If the job is available to be worked on, post in the client’s channel START [TICKER] BASE. For example, if you are grinding Caldari Navy (corp ticker CN) and the client’s standing with 1.2345, you would post START [CN] 1.2345
  7. Begin missioning for the client.
    • When you complete a mission and turn it in, you will be prompted if you want to share the rewards or keep it for yourself: always share the mission rewards (this is how we raise our client’s standing)
    • If you are not prompted to share rewards, you probably have a “keep reward” default set and need to clear the default. This is done by pressing th ESC key on your keyboard to open the EVE Options dialog > Reset Settings tab > Reset Mission Reward Sharing Preference (see image below)
  1. When you’re done grinding, wait at least 20 minutes, then refresh the skillboard and jot down the finish standing: STOP [TICKER] BASE. For example, if you finished grinding Caldari Navy at 5.678, you would write STOP [CN] 5.678. If the skillboard did not refresh properly, indicate ??? as your finish standing. The next person’s start standing will be your finish standing.
  2. Also post “@Grinders Client Available” in client channel to notify other grinders that the client is available for grinding now that you have finished.
  3. File a pay request in #grinder-pay-requests
  4. If possible, do not leave fleet until another grinder has entered it. Announce that you are holding fleet or looking for someone else to hold fleet in #grinders-holding. Reason: if you leave fleet and only the client remains, then fleet advertisement will collapse and other grinders will be unable to grind the client until they repost the fleet advertisement

Some clients may have multiple characters in fleet for which they paid to have the same corp’s standings raised. This allows you to grind each character simultaneously. Approach these grind opportunities as if they were separate jobs:

  1. Verify that all the characters require the same job and the job is not yet completed for any of them
  2. Mark the start standings for each character
  3. At the end of your grind, mark the finish standings for each character.

If the start and finish standings for each character is the same, you may combine them into the same pay request; however, if they are different, submit different pay requests for each character. (See How to File a Pay Request)