How to File a Pay Request

While grinding a client, you will have marked the start and finish standing of your grind in their client channel. At the end of your grind, you need to file a pay request in the #grinder-pay-request channel on our Discord server. Please file only one pay request per message; do not combine more than one pay request in a single message.

The pay request format is: #channel [CORP] START to FINISH CHAR1(, CHAR2, …)

  • #channel is a link to the client’s channel
  • CORP is the corp’s ticker (eg. CN)
  • START to FINISH, use the word “to” to separate both values
  • CHAR1 is the name of the char being grinded. If there are multiple characters being grinded for the same corp and client that have the same starting and ending values, separate them commas


  • #client-channel [CN] 1.2345 to 6.7890 John Smith
  • #client-channel [CN] 1.2345 to 6.7890 John Smith, Jane Doe