Become a USIA Grinder

The United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] sometimes hires mission runners to help keep up with demand for our services.

Reasons to Join

  • Newbie/Alpha Friendly Opportunity. A newly created character only requires one hour of skill training in order to make 50+M/hr via our No-Combat option.
  • Generous Pay for Mission Running. The typical grinder earns 100-150M+/hr doing normal jobs, and more experienced grinders earn even more than that. Proficient grinders and/or working special jobs can earn over 400M+/hr.
  • Combat and No-Combat Options Available. The Combat option is more fun and profitable, while No-Combat option has the benefit of being Newbie/Alpha/Low-SP Friendly and is also highly multitaskable/semi-AFKable for those doing other things on or physically near their computer. The No-Combat option guarantees a an average starting salary 50M+/hr pay with only one hour of skill training. Higher skill levels = increased pay.
  • No Work Requirements. You can work whenever you want, pick and choose the jobs the interest you, and are not required to satisfy any quotas to remain employed. There is no shortage of jobs either – we have clients ready to be grinded 24/7.
  • Option to Stay in Your Corp. If you really like your corp, you can still work for us and get paid the same as those who are members of our own corp.

This is a fantastic opportunity to make money (enough to PLEX in a few days), to get paid for running missions you were already planning on running anyway, and to make large amounts of passive income for when you cannot devote your time and attention to higher-end content (working for us earns more a lot more ISK and is safer than solo mining, for example).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What do I do? Why are you paying me to run missions? How is my pay determined?

As a standings improvement service, we are paid to improve our clients’ standings with NPC corps. This is done by fleeting up with them, running missions, and sharing the mission rewards, which in turn improves their standings. Your pay is determined by the client’s standing at the start and end of your grind session. Note that the client does not need to be present in system while you mission. You would mission in the exact same way as you would if you didn’t work for us, except that in working for us you get paid to run the missions.

Q. How does pay differ between the Combat and No-Combat Options?

The No-Combat Option will initially pay better for newer players that have lower-end ships, lower skill levels, and less piloting experience. As mentioned previously, only one hour of skill training is enough to earn around 50M+/hr. The Combat option, however, ends up being more fun and profitable with even modest fits, skill levels, and piloting ability. Expert EVE players with blingy ships, high skill levels, and advanced piloting techniques which can blitz missions exceptionally quickly (eg. using T3 Cruisers or faction ships) will earn even more money than the representative pay rates quoted above.

Q. Standing gains diminish as standings get higher – does this mean I get paid less the more I work?

No. Our client fee / grinder pay calculator accounts for diminished standing gains. With the help of CCP’s Standing Gains Formula and a bit of calculus, we’ve designed our calculator so that fees/payments are directly proportional to effort required to raise standings.

For example: after adjusting for diminished gains, it requires the same amount of time and effort to raise a client’s standing from -10 to 0.0 as it does from 8.0 to 9.0, so the pay for both grinds would be the same. For similar reasons, a 1.0 increase in standings pays differently depending on what the starting standing was; the pay from 8.0 to 9.0 is greater than from 0.0 to 1.0 because more effort is required at higher standings after factoring in diminished standing gains.

Q. Am I required to use a particular ship, doctrine, or fit? Am I required to to “blitz” missions? I just want to have fun…

We do not dictate how you grind – you are more than welcome to play your way. We offer advice as to optimal fits and blitzing strategies you can use to increase your throughput (the faster you complete missions, the more you earn per hour), but you are by no means required to accept our advice if you feel like opting for a different playstyle.

Q. How do I know I’m going to get paid?

Clients pay in advance for our services, and money is kept into a dedicated “bank” corp strictly used for receiving client money and issuing grinder payments. When grinders work for a client, they do so knowing the money is available for them to be paid for their efforts.

Q. What if I don’t want to work for a particular corp or client?

Then you don’t have to. As per our “No Work Requirements” policy, grinders can choose which jobs they want to work with. If you don’t want to work for a particular client (eg. if they are a war target of yours) or a particular corp, then feel free to skip over them.

Q. How can I learn more or get started?

Join the USIA Discord server and we’ll answer all your questions!