How We Compute Fees and Recommend Services

The USIA Calculator

The USIA Service Calculator computes fees to be exactly proportional to the effort required to raise standings. The computation is based off of CCP’s published standings gain formula and takes into consideration how standing gains are diminished as standings are increased. All fees are computed relative to our base rate, which is how much we charge for the effort required to raise standings from 0 to 1 base. For example: If the base rate were 175m and a client was charged 1,750m, that means the effort required to complete that job is the equivalent of raising their standings from 0 to 1 base a total of ten times. Figure 1 depicts the relationship between cost/effort for a given standing and the base rate.

The Green curve indicates the cost to raise standings assuming a fixed cost. The shaded blue region represents the effort/cost required to raise standings from 0 to 1 base, the fee being the base rate. The fee charged to raised standings is represented by the area under the curve between the start and finish standings; our calculator computes the area under the curve, and that is the fee we charge. We do not charge any markup regardless of the starting or finish standing requested.

Note that our fee approaches infinity the closer standings are to 10.0; this is because, per EVE’s standings gain mechanics, standing gains approach 0 the closer standings approach 10.0, so we need to work extremely hard to reach the desired standing. To illustrate the significance of diminishing standing gains, consider the following: using a base rate of 175m, it turns out the effort/price of raising standings from -10 to 0 (red region) and from 8 to 9 (blue region) is the same (after rounding down) as illustrated in Figure 2.

To use the USIA calculator, all fields in yellow must be filled out in order for the fee to be computed. Note that the displayed chart is not used in computing fees and is for illustrative purposes only.

Note that for all jobs other than broker and relist fee reduction (which do not benefit from Connections level), a client’s job cost may be reduced by a flat amount (relative to the base rate and cost multiplier) by having them raise their Connections level. The reason for this is because a lower base standing is required in order to achieve the same effective standing, and less work required of us results in a lower fee. This may be done during or after a job is complete since it takes effect retroactively.

How Cost Multipliers Are Determined

Cost Multipliers are assigned to HS/LS corporations that are either known to have penalizing standing gains and/or are inconvenient to grind due to the unavailability of certain agents. Note that we do not apply cost multipliers to nullsec corporations as they are always considered a special request and always negotiated on an individual basis.

Factional Warfare corps are charged at 200% our standard rate.

For all other corps:

  • +100% If the corporation is an epic arc or R&D corp (due to penalized standing gains)
  • +25% If the corporation does not have a HS L4 sec agent
    • An additional +25% if the corporation does not have an LS L4 sec agent
    • An additional +25% if the corporation does not have a HS L4 dist agent
    • An additional +25% if the corporation does not have an LS L4 dist agent in addition to lacking the three agents above. (That is, if there are no L4 security or distribution agents in HS or LS, a cumulative +100% penalty is applied.)
  • +25% If the corporation does not have a HS L3 sec agent
    • An additional +25% if the corporation does not have an LS L3 sec agent
    • An additional +25% if the corporation does not have a HS L3 dist agent
    • An additional +25% if the corporation does not have an LS L3 dist agent in addition to lacking the three agents above. (That is, if there are no L3 security or distribution agents in HS or LS, a cumulative +100% penalty is applied.)

Objective: Lower Broker and Relist Fees


Broker Fees are computed using unmodified standings. They are the only game mechanics which uses base instead of effective standings. Broker fee reduction only applies to base standings greater than 0. Since Broker fees apply to both buy and sell orders, and since they are non-refundable (including when a sell order is placed and the price subsequently lowered), it’s important for high-volume traders to lower them as much as possible. For more details, see CCP’s Standings Support Page.

Relist Fees are directly proportional to Broker fees. Apart from improving Advanced Broker Relations skill, lowering Relist Fees is done by lowering Broker Fees.

Fee Computation

Always specify Connections Level 0 in the calculator regardless of actual Connections Level; this enables fee computation to be strictly in terms of base standings instead of inapplicable effective standings.

Apply corp-specific cost multipliers if applicable. Of the six major tradehubs (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, Hek, and Thera), Rens, Hek, and Thera have cost multipliers. Rens has a multiplier for simultaneously being an Epic Arc corp (which has penalized standing gains), Hek has a multiplier for simultaneously being an R&D corp (which also has penalized standing gains), and Thera has a multiplier for being a nullsec corporation that incurs high risk for us to grind.

Objective: Access Epic Arcs


While inherited faction standings can be used to access Epic Arcs, grinding corp standings ensures permanent access to Epic Arcs regardless of future faction standing (even if it were to drop to -10.0).

Pirate arcs have three entry points each; two of those entry points of both arcs are for hisec corps while the third is a nullsec corp. It is substantially cheaper for us to grind these hisec corps than the nullsec. Unless the client specifies otherwise, we choose one of those hisec corps as a default selection in order to minimize their cost: Republic Security Services [RSS] for Angel and Federal Intelligence Office [FIO] for Guristas.

Empire arcs require 5.0 effective and pirate arcs require 3.0 effective standing to unlock. Because pirate arcs can be unlocked using hisec corps and a lower standing, they are substantially cheaper to unlock than hisec corps; they can also be completed more quickly (3-4 hours each) with lower skill levels, cheaper fits (same fit for both), and they yield considerable rewards for completing them.

Pirate arcs have price multipliers due to being standings penalized.

The names of the Epic Arc corporations is specified in our advertisement. For convenience, the information is replicated here:

  • Sisters of EVE “The Blood-Stained Stars”: Sisters of EVE corp OR faction (0 effective standing)
  • Amarr Empire “Right to Rule”: Ministry of Internal Order OR Amarr faction (5 effective standing)
  • Caldari State “Penumbra”: Expert Distribution OR Caldari faction (5 effective standing)
  • Gallente Federation “Syndication”: Impetus OR Gallente faction (5 effective standing)
  • Minmatar Republic “Wildfire”: Brutor Tribe OR Minmatar faction (5 effective standing)
  • Angel Cartel “Angel Sound” Three Entry Points (3 effective standing with any of them)
    • Dominations OR Angel faction
    • Republic Security Services OR Minmatar faction
    • Amarry Navy OR Amarr faction
  • Guristas Pirates “Smash and Grab” Three Entry Points (3 effective standing with any of them)
    • Federation Intelligence Office OR Gallente faction
    • Ytiri OR Caldari faction
    • Guristas corp OR faction

Fee Computation

Because Epic Arcs can be unlocked using effective standings, your Connections level can be used to lower your service fee by a flat amount per level (shown in calculator). The discount scales with the price multiplier specified.

Objective: Access Mission or R&D Agents


L1 agents have no standing requirements, while L2/L3/L4/L5 agents have 1.0/3.0/5.0/7.0 effective standing requirements respectively.

Our advertisement lists the R&D corporations of each faction, and the Cost Multipliers tab of our calculator indicates the highest level R&D agent those corporations have and the datacores those agents offer.

Fee Computation

As with Epic Arcs, Connections level can be used to lower cost by a flat amount per level scaled with price multiplier.

Objective: Raise Faction Standings

Due to mechanics restrictions, we cannot directly raise faction standings like we can corporation standings; this is because, with one exception, faction standings cannot be shared via fleet mechanics (or any other mechanic). The sole exception is that faction standing gains may be shared among fleet members completing an Epic Arc; however, this is not a service we offer as the cost would be exorbitantly high for our clients relative to their gains.

There are, however, two things we can do to facilitate clients raising faction standings themselves:

  • We can permanently unlock the Epic Arcs for them so they can receive a major boost in faction standings with the four empires, Syndicate, Sansha, Guristas, or Angel. Note that if necessary they can use a different character to complete the missions in the arc – all that matters is that the final mission is turned in with no on else in fleet in order for the faction standing increase to be received in full
  • We can raise corporation standings to unlock high-level agents with which clients can blitz distribution missions to rapidly generate and complete storyline missions (10+ a day), thereby increasing faction standing by several points in a relatively short period of time. (See: An Extension to The Faction Standings Repair & Improvement Plan: Simultaneously Improving and Maintaining Standings with Opposing Factions via Storyline Blitzing)

The other two other options would for for clients to complete COSMOS or Data Center missions; no other option exists for raising faction standing (and faction standings cannot be shared by completing these missions).